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What Is The Difference Between Our “LOW MOISTURE” Cleaning System and Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is actually hot water extraction.There is no steam involved. Hot or warm water is mixed with a detergent and sprayed on the carpet at 400-500 psi (pounds per square inch).
Then the water is extracted (sucked) from the carpet.

What is actually happening is the carpet is being pressure cleaned. There is no scubbing just spraying and sucking. The problem is that kind of pressure drives the water and some dirt deep into the carpet backing, padding and subfloor under the carpet. It is impossible to extract all the water that deep into the carpet, so the carpet stays wet for several hours, sometimes days. This can cause mold and bacteria growth and stains to re-appear as the carpet dries, referred to as wicking.

With our “LOW MOISTURE-Green Cleaning” We apply an encapsulation cleaner by lightly spraying the carpet. Then a special absorbent soil extraction pad is used with our machine to safely scrub the carpet. The dirt and moisture are absorbed into the special pads and removed from the carpet. Pads are changed as they collect dirt.

The machine produces 1725 rom’s (random oscillation motions) per minute which scrubs and safely agitates all sides and tops of the carpet fibers. This is one of the most effective ways to remove stubborn stains and dirty areas. The oscillating motion pulls dirt that is deep in the carpet and also lifts the carpet fiber from a matted state. The carpet is then vacuumed and groomed.

Carpet usally dries in 30-60 minutes depending on carpet fiber and humidity. Carpets will repel dirt like crazy and stay cleaner longer due to no residue remaining on your carpet.

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