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Thinking about using a Rug Doctor to clean your home’s carpets? Here’s why you shouldn’t.

pads after rug doctorThinking about using a Rug Doctor to clean your carpets? If you are like most people you are thinking, “Why not use a Rug Doctor?” and “How much better can a professional carpet cleaner get my carpets?” The answer is in this picture. At Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning we use a very low moisture carpet cleaning method that relies on specialty cotton blended pads to extract the dirt and excess moisture out of the carpets.  The white pad on the bottom is how the pads start out before extraction, the 2 pads above are the result of cleaning just ONE room that had previously been cleaned with a Rug Doctor.

Let me explain. My customer who hired us to do this job just bought the house. The previous owner had tenants renting the house for a while and required upon their departure that they clean the carpets. The new owner of the house who had hired us several times in the past to clean the carpets in his old house wanted us to give it another cleaning just to make sure it was up to his standards. Well, it’s a good thing he did because we got a LOT of dirt out of the carpet.

When we walked in the house the carpets looked OK, you could tell that they were freshly cleaned. When we got done, the before and after pictures of the carpet itself were not startling but the amount of hidden dirt that came out of the carpet after a Rug Doctor was already used WAS!

You can use a Rug Doctor and save a little bit of money but spend a whole lot of your time or you can call Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning and sit back and relax knowing that the hard work will be done for you and the carpets will be much much cleaner. I know which one I would choose!


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