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Low moisture carpet cleaning

Copy of 1 hour dry clockCarpets are basically prized possessions and they therefore require special treatment. They can get soiled after a prolonged use or get stained as a result of an unfortunate incident. Low moisture carpet cleaning is a very effective technique and it does not leave moisture behind, unlike the hot water extraction technique.

You can opt for a professional carpet cleaning Savage, MN to do the work for you. Professional carpet cleaners are well equipped with high powered industrial equipment and highly concentrated cleaning products, protectors and sprays. This ensures that even the deepest of stains and dirt is extracted. The various providers of carpet cleaning Savage, MN offer a variety of carpet cleaning techniques that can be used depending on a number of factors such as how dirty the carpet is. Low moisture carpet cleaning is one of the services you can get. It is an ideal cleaning method for areas that cannot be wet cleaned. For instance, older carpets that utilize jute as a backing could result in the fibers getting torn off if the carpet becomes too wet. This cleaning technique is very cost effective and can extend the durability of the carpets, particularly if a good maintenance program is put in place.

Low moisture carpet cleaning uses a decreased amount of moisture, typically 5% of total amount of water used by hot water extraction method. Carpet cleaning using this technique will involve using a moist cleaning agent on the pile. This pile is worked on using an agitation equipment. After drying, the carpet is then vacuumed thoroughly. It is recommended that you enlist the services of a qualified and experienced professional to undertake cleaning of your carpet. With their extensive training and know how, they will make sure that the carpets are cleaned thoroughly and protected and also help extend their durability for many years to come.

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