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How Green is our Clean?

green carpet cleaning in Belle Plaine, MN
A lot of carpet cleaners claim to clean green but how green are they really? At Watkins Cleaning Services we take all the necessary steps to ensure that our Carpet Cleaning process is the greenest carpet cleaning process in the South Metro.

1.   Green Chemicals. The products we use to clean your carpet contain a unique blend of plant-based surfactants coupled with a brittle drying copolymer. It is very safe and environmentally friendly with over 99.7% readily biodegradable ingredients at use dilution. You can be sure that the solutions we use on your carpets are state-of-the-art and contain NO hazardous ingredients.

 2.   Minimal Water Consumption.  With our method each gallon of diluted detergent can clean approximately 300 sq. ft. of carpet so that means we use about 90% less water in your home or office than most other carpet cleaners. Not only is consuming less water a green way to clean but it also helps your carpets dry quickly.       

 3.    No Waste Water Produced.   Since we use very little water in the cleaning process there is no discharge water heading to the sewage treatment plant. 

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