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Tired of Soaking Wet Carpets?

Belle Plaine Carpet Cleaning Company, Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning’s Premium Low Moisture, zero residue green carpet cleaning process eliminates all the problems that soaking wet carpets can cause. Our Carpet Cleaning method cleans up soapy residue that is left behind from other cleaners. When soap is left in your carpet, it will attract dirt like a magnet! Your carpet will look dull and dirty quicker.

With our advanced Smart Dry Carpet Cleaning process, we use a water-based green cleaner. We will never use “soap” to clean your carpet or upholstery, and we will never leave your carpet with a dirt-attracting residue. Your carpet will be fresh, clean, and dry in 30-90 minutes!

We specialize in QUICK DRY carpet cleaning.

  • Low Moisture, carpets usually dry and ready to use in 30-90 minutes
  • No open doors, No hoses
  • Safe for your family, pets and the environment
  • No sticky residue left in carpets
  • No hidden charges

To reserve the BEST carpet cleaning you’ve ever had in Belle Plaine, call us now at 952-393-7895,<BR>e-mail at or fill out the booking form at the right of this page.

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